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The only learning platform
you need for your Customers Employees Students Partners

EduBase helps you set up your entire online learning with speed and unrivaled flexibility. Online exams, videos, SCORM, all your materials in just one system.

Easy to use
No installation needed
Looks great on all devices
Fast & reliable support

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The Top Benefits Of Choosing Us

Rocket reaching the sky

Bleeding-edge Quizzing & Exam System

Maximize impact with instant, personalized feedback and robust cheating prevention, all while gaining deep insights through live analytics to enhance learning outcomes.

Various content types

Unified Learning, Unlimited Potential

Centralize your educational materials, engage users with an intuitive platform, and embrace growth with scalable, seamlessly integrated learning solutions. Build your content universe with EduBase!

Shield protecting digital data

Bulletproof Security with Auditing

Secure your educational materials, users and personal data. Integration with organizational user management of your choice, advanced access controls, 2FA, auditing and even more. Everything to make you and your learning platform compliant!

Control tower

Hassle-free Setup, Reliable Operations

Get a learning platform that looks and feels like your brand, easy to access on any device, anytime, with automatic updates to keep you ahead. See historical uptime for EduBase services on our Status page!

EduBase Quiz - Advanced Quizzing & Exam System

Instant Evaluation with Custom Grading

Get test results immediately, scored and graded just like you wanted.

Infinite questions with parametrization

Parametrize the words and numbers in any question so everyone gets a different one with the same difficulty. Works with all question types.

Live Results & Statistics

Follow progress live during any exam. Upon completion, gain fine-grained insights like never before!

Batch upload of questions from file

Quickly upload all your questions from a single file (like an Excel spreadsheet) with ease.

Cheating Detection in Real-time

Detect suspicious, cheating-like behavior such as switching tabs, copy-pasting text, print screening, or just simply answering questions way too fast. No more undetected Googling or Wikipedia during exams!

AI Assistant to Supercharge Your Work

Upload your content and let the AI Assistant generate the questions. You can review, modify, or share them afterwards, just like any of your questions.

Hassle-free setup, Reliable Operations

No installation required

Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device without you or your users having to install anything.

Continuous updates

Get all new features, improvements and bug fixes with regular updates without any downtime. Our team takes care of the maintenance and upgrades.

Branded look and feel

Reinforce your brand by having your own EduBase platform customized to your needs. Your subdomain, your logo, your colors.

On-premise hosting supported

Not a fan of the cloud? No worries! Upon request, we can provide on-premise setup for special use cases.

Unified Learning, Unlimited Potential

Centralized Learning Materials

Securely host all educational content, from videos and interactive SCORM lessons to various files, ensuring seamless integration with online assessments for a comprehensive learning experience.

Scalable Learning Solutions

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our platform adapts to your growth, ensuring a learning experience that scales with your business needs.

Intuitive User Experience

Empower users from day one with an interface designed for ease and efficiency, facilitating both content creation and learning processes.

Flexible System Integration

Connect EduBase with your existing systems or custom solutions, enhancing your workflow and tailoring the learning experience to your specific requirements.

Bulletproof Security with Auditing

Secure & easy user management

Integrate EduBase into your enterprise environment with LDAP, AD or Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for additional security.

Data Protection and Compliance

EduBase not only uses industry standard solutions and best practices to protect personal data at all times, but we place special focus on security to fully comply with regional laws, like GDPR.

Advanced Access Control

Specify who can see, edit or upload contents within your organization. Empower the right people to collaborate and see how they deliver results together!

Closed System with Auditing

Built from scratch, servers and softwares updated regularly, we can ensure only those with proper permissions can access or make changes in our ecosystem. Audited automatically in the background.

Choose the one way that suits you

For Business

Deliver impactful learning experiences and foster a culture of continuous professional development. Drive performance and innovation in your workforce with tailored, scalable training tools designed for business success.

Choose the one way that suits you

For Education

Empower your educational institution with EduBase's comprehensive learning management system. Designed to enrich the academic journey, we provide intuitive tools for course creation, student engagement, and insightful analytics to track educational progress.

  • Compliance Training

    Streamline your regulatory compliance process with EduBase's intuitive training modules and make compliance training easier and more effective across your entire organization.

  • Customer Training

    Partner up your webshop with an ultimate learning tool to educate your customers and users. Systems can communicate via API in case new orders and changes happen, all done in the background!

  • Events Training

    EduBase is where training meets scalability, preparing your event participants for excellence, no matter their number.

  • K-12

    EduBase Quiz helps you deliver high-quality learning experience into your classrooms with engaging gamification and an intuitive interface that makes learning and practice captivating for younger students. It’s easy-to-use and provides endless practice opportunities, fostering a fun and effective learning environment.

  • Research

    EduBase Quiz excels in research applications with its robust quizzing features, fine-grained user behavior analytics and integration capabilities, facilitating detailed data analysis and efficient testing.

  • Higher education

    EduBase seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and provides specialized STEM quizzing capabilities. Leverage insightful, granular data analytics and instant custom grading to gain unparalleled understanding of student performance, enhance collaboration among faculty, and utilize parametrization in test creation and advanced cheating detection for academic integrity.

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No content? No problem! We can help!

Our team can help you digitize and upload all your current contents, including creating quizzes, exams or even interactive SCORM materials.

People putting contents together on a website

Meet EduBase AI Assistant

Revolutionize quiz creation with a click.
From documents to interactive quizzes - instantly.

EduBase AI Assistant robot

EduBase integrates with your systems

  • LTI integration (Canvas, Moodle, and more)

    Utilize the power of EduBase Quiz and seamlessly embed into your LMS, such Canvas or Moodle, without the need for separate user management. Leverage EduBase's features directly within your existing learning environment.

  • API integration

    Manage content, users, and settings via our comprehensive API. We provide an extensive API documentation to help you get started and flexible endpoints to fit your needs.

  • Custom integrations

    For special requirements, such as VPN connections, user synchronization, or custom metrics, we offer tailored integration solutions. Contact us to discuss your needs and to explore potential solutions for your unique setup.

What our customers say

  • ProWork Complex Kft.

    Márton Gergics

    EDUBASE is a user-friendly, clean, and easy-to-use e-learning platform. As a fire protection and work safety service provider, our company has been looking for a solution for years to conduct fire protection and work safety training via e-learning, for which EDUBASE has been a perfect solution. Our partners have been very satisfied with the platform from the beginning. The ability to train without registration is a huge advantage for the user, saving them a lot of time. From the platform administrator\'s side, it is very straightforward, easy to use, and truly user-friendly! Last but not least, the developers always provide precise and quick advice if we ever get stuck anywhere. [translated]

  • Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem

    Márton Erdélyi

    I have been using EduBase for 4 years for teaching math and it not only saved me quite a lot of time, but helped me to develop my digital teaching materials. It is really easy to create parametrized/personalized test questions which are corrected automatically. There is implemented latex for nice math formulas and several quesion types are built in making possible to ask such questions in test/quiz format, which earlier i thought impossible. Easy to understand and easy to use platform for students. Fast and efficient customer service. I fully recommend using EduBase!

  • Budai Ciszterci Szent Imre Gimnázium

    Máté Lakatos

    Perfect educational platform which can be adapted to your needs After thorough testing, my school chose Edubase from several educational platforms. Why? Because it is easy to learn to use, it is user-friendly, and many small details can be adjusted to individual needs. Practically any type of school test can be compiled with it, and it also makes it easier for teachers to evaluate the tests. During use, we found that the developers are helpful, quickly solve the problems that have arisen, and on many occasions they have developed the platform based on the individual needs of our school. In short, a great educational tool with a professional background team.


    Brigitta Posztós

    EduBase’s online training platform performs exceptionally well and has become an indispensable tool for our work. We are very satisfied with the user-friendly and easy-to-understand design of the platform, which significantly simplifies the training process for our clients. With the support provided by EduBase, we are successfully growing and keeping up with changing demands. [translated]

Plans and Pricing

  • Free

    Our free forever plan (for individual educators).


    Free users can still collaborate

    • Checkbox with tickUnlimited questions, quizzes, exams
    • Checkbox with tickUnlimited courses
    • Checkbox with tickExams with up to 200 users
    • Checkbox with tickRegistration-free testing up to 50 users/exam
    • Checkbox with tickLimited storage for files, questions and SCORM lessons
    • Checkbox with tickClass gradebooks, advanced Quizzes and exam reports
    • Checkbox with tickAdvanced access control, including Organizations
    • Checkbox with tickBasic notification channels
    • Checkbox with tickSocial sign-in
    • Checkbox with tickLMS integration
    • Checkbox with tickCollaboration with other educators on EduBase
    • Checkbox with tickBasic support
    • Checkbox with tickData retention for 1 year of inactivity
    • Checkbox with tickDetailed test results retention for 1 year
  • Pro

    Advanced usage for individuals. Pricing based on features and user limits.


    Everything in Free +

    • Checkbox with tickExams with up to 600 users
    • Checkbox with tickRegistration-free testing only limited by the number of exam users
    • Checkbox with tickExam certificates
    • Checkbox with tickCustomizable branding on exams
    • Checkbox with tickIncreased storage for files
    • Checkbox with tickOrganize your contents using tags
    • Checkbox with tickAdvanced features and settings enabled
    • Checkbox with tickAPI integration with documentation
    • Checkbox with tickAdvanced Insights & Analytics
    • Checkbox with tickPriority support
    • Checkbox with tickInfinite user data retention
    • Checkbox with tickInfinite detailed test results retention
    • Checkbox with plusAccess to EduBase AI Assistant
    • Checkbox with plusContent digitization services
  • Business

    For companies, universities, or larger schools and organizations. Pricing based on features and active users.


    Everything in Pro +
    (tailored to your needs)

    • Checkbox with tickDedicated application instance on selected domain
    • Checkbox with tickBranded look and feel globally
    • Checkbox with tickCustomizable storage limits for files
    • Checkbox with tickLDAP, AD, or Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Checkbox with tickGlobal administrators and managed permissions
    • Checkbox with tickEnterprise security & compliance
    • Checkbox with tickExams with unlimited users
    • Checkbox with tickAdvanced exam certificates
    • Checkbox with tickIntegration with organizational systems
    • Checkbox with tickAdvanced notification channels
    • Checkbox with tickExtended API integration
    • Checkbox with tickPrioritized feature requests
    • Checkbox with tickCustom metrics, statistics and audit reports
    • Checkbox with tickOn-boarding training
    • Checkbox with tickPremium Support
    • Checkbox with plusCustom features